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Med-Care deploys an Automated External Defibrillator for home use

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January 24, 2013


Med-Care is pleased to announce that it has just deployed an Automated External Defibrillator for home use. Recently the device was deployed to a family in the Lewiston. This family is very familiar with cardiovascular disease and has had first hand experiences.  After several close calls requiring the Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator to activate the family now feels it is time to be proactive. The gentleman has plans for his wife, family members, and friends to receive training on the use of this device as well as CPR and Med-Care is assisting him in accomplishing this endeavor.

Community Outreach Coordinator Laurieann Milligan – We are pleased to see individuals taking this type of proactive approach to their own healthcare. We hope this will be the catalyst and create a trend throughout the region for others that may also have serious cardiac conditions. Having a personal use AED is so simple yet adds an additional level of security within their life. Milligan states we are proud to be serving the community in this capacity. We want to be here for the public now and into the future and take pride in deploying these inexpensive yet much needed units. It is our goal to provide awareness of cardiac disease, these units existence, and to empower individuals to take action. We realized last year after deploying our first AED for in home use that there is a definite need and that the timing was right. Most recently that home use AED was indeed used and saved a life! It also opened our eyes to the fact that we have not advertised and marketed AED’s to local citizens and to the fact that these devices are available for their purchase through our organization for personal use.

This new endeavor aligns nicely with our mission as being part of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association as well as the Heart Safe Community program.  Our goal and mission is to provide public education on cardiac arrest risk factors, provide public education and CPR training, deploy AED’s, and ensure that the entire chain of survival is accomplished within our region. We hope to eliminate sudden cardiac arrest by the year 2020 and all of these objectives are all part of our goals at Med-Care Ambulance.

If anyone is interested in additional information on AED’s and if whether these units would be appropriate to consider within their life please feel free to give Med-Care a call and speak with Laurieann.

Director of Operations Dean Milligan - Having deployed over 150 AED’s throughout the River Valley Communities in a multitude of strategic locations it now clearly time to focus on deploying these units into the homes of high risk cardiac patients. They are such a simple device to learn to use and have proven time and again that they are irreplaceable by giving loved second chances to live another day with their families.