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Automated External Defibrillator Deployed for Personal Citizen Use         

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March 23rd, 2010


Med-Care is pleased to announce that it has just deployed its first Automated External Defibrillator to a common citizen for personal use. Recently the device was deployed to Wayne Millen a citizen of West Paris here at Med-Care base. He has plans for his wife, family members, and friends to receive training on the use of this device as well as CPR and we are assisting him in accomplishing this.

Director of Operations Dean Milligan - This is the first ever for our organization and we hope it is one that will create a trend throughout the region for others that may have serious cardiac risks and want to add an additional level of security within their life. It also opened our eyes to the fact that we have not advertised or marketed AED’s to local citizens and to the fact that these devices are available for their purchase through our organization for personal use.

In this particular case the individual has a substantial family cardiac history and wanted to acquire this life saving device to have in his possession so that his family or friends may have it available to utilize should he unexpectedly have a cardiac event that could potentially escalate and leave him in cardiac arrest. When Community Outreach and Public Education Coordinator Laurieann Milligan recently met with the individual to provide him his AED he stated that he wanted to take a proactive approach to this medical situation and not leave his loved ones in position where they wouldn’t be able to help him and have to be reactionary in nature.

docCommunity Outreach and Education Coordinator Laurieann Milligan stated that this was a wonderful idea on Wayne’s part and one that we felt great about assisting him with being successful in fulfilling. This falls in line with our mission being part of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association as well as the Heart Safe Community program. Providing Public Education on Cardiac Arrest Risk Factors, Providing CPR training, Deploying AED’s, and ensuring that the entire chain of survival is accomplished within our region as well as eliminating sudden cardiac arrest by 2020 are all part of our goals and objectives at Med-Care Ambulance.

If anyone throughout the River Valley is interested in additional information on AED’s or to inquire if they would be appropriate to consider within their life please feel free to give Med-Care a call and speak with Laurieann.

Director of Operations Dean Milligan - Having deployed over 60 AED’s throughout the River Valley Communities in a multitude of strategic locations it may now be time to focus on deploying them into the homes of high risk cardiac patients. According to statistics on the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association’s website more than 66% of sudden cardiac arrest victims occur outside of a medical setting either in their homes, at work, or while recreating. This equates to around 1000 victims per day or about 1 person every 2 minutes. Furthermore, data supports that immediate CPR and early defibrillation dramatically increase the chances of survival. According to the American Heart Association over 50,000 lives annually could be saved annually by implementing an aggressive public awareness and education campaign along with extensive deployments of AED’s throughout the Country. A very unique statistic that is worth mentioning is the fact that the highest survival rate of victims having a sudden cardiac arrest event in the United States occur in Casinos whereas almost all of them in the country have AED’s and trained staff on site and have over an 80% save rate compared to around 20% if these events occur at home or in the public. For these reasons and statistics and many more like them is why it is part of our mission at Med-Care and one of our highest priorities to provide the public with educational opportunities and advanced medical equipment that can save someone’s life.

Wayne Millen stated to Laurieann during their conversations that a big motivator for me to do this was having my brother die at 53 in his home from a sudden cardiac arrest. He was aware that he had coronary artery disease. His wife was home at the time and if he had an AED in the house he may have survived the event. He lives in a rural area similar to me and it takes eight to twelve minutes for an ambulance to arrive-too long as you know to usually help a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.