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Vial of Life

During an Emergency family members do not always have vital information readily available to EMS personal. Create your Vial of Life today. Here is how it works.

Vial of Life was developed so EMS professionals can help YOU in a life or death situation. Here is how it works!!!

1. Fill out all the forms enclosed in the vial, provided by Med-Care Ambulance; with support from Hannaford Pharmacy, supplying us with the appropriate vial bottle, this program would not be possible.

2. List your Doctor, Allergies, Medications, & Medical History.

3. Place all the information back in the Vial.

4. Then just follow the instructions as to were to place your Vial and the placement of your stickers supplied within the Vial, as to alert us you have made the commitment to yourself and your family members to ensure your own safety by making a Vial of Life.

For more information about the Vial of Life and our other programs, call 207-364-8748 or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.