Medical Services

Med-Care Ambulance provides several different medical services. Our primary mission is to provide emergency medical services the citizens and visitors within our communities. All of our medical practice is under regulations set forth by Maine EMS, the State of Maine's governing body.

Aside from answering emergency medical calls, Med-Care staff provide routine and emergent transfer services to and from many different facilties. Med-Care paramedics and EMT's also participate in other roles as public relations staff and community educators.



What Do We do?

The daily operations of the company are handled by Director of Operations. This position has dual roles of being the Chief Financial Officer as well as the Operations Manager. This is both an administrative position as well as line position whereas the Director of Operations is also the Chief of Service and does respond to emergencies depending upon their nature.

To assist the Director of Operations in the daily operations there is an Assitant Director and three shift supervisors. Above and beyond the normal daily operations these supervisors are assigned administrative duties coordinating things such as Quality Assurance, Training, Vehicle Maintenance, Supplies, OSHA Compliance & Safety, and many additional areas.

The medical staff consists of paramedics, intermediates, and EMT's. The full time staff’s primary responsibility is the provision of emergent and non-emergent care to the sick and injured and their secondary responsibilities include such things as orientation of new employees, vehicle maintenance, Continuing Education, Public Education, Communications, Quality Assurance, Recredentialing of Employees, building maintenance, equipment maintenance, street directories, and many more. Med-Care also has a large group of part-time staff.

Medical Services

What's Advanced Life Support?

Med-Care Ambulance is licensed at the Intermediate Advanced Life Support Level which means our providers at a minimum can perform cardiac defibrillation, establish advanced airways, initiate intravenous therapy, and administer several medications. We are permitted to the Paramedic Level which allows us to virtually bring the emergency department to your home. Paramedic skills include things such as all of the above mentioned skills and additionally they are able to perform surgical procedures such as Chest Decompressions which is the insertion of a needle into a patient’s chest to relieve air that is collapsing a lung or putting pressure against the heart and not allowing it to beat correctly. Also, Paramedics perform Cricothyrotomies on patients with obstructed airways. This skill is the incision with a scalpel into a patient’s trachea (wind pipe) and then the insertion of a breathing tube that bypasses the obstruction and allows the patient to breathe again or allows the paramedic to breath for the patient.

All patients transported by Med-Care Ambulance have access to a paramedic if there is a need for one. We currently staff at least 2 ambulances at the Paramedic Level 24 hours a day


To schedule a non-emergent transport, call 207-364-8748 or use our contact form.

Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9AM-4PM.