Your Medical Records

Med-Care Ambulance keeps a record of every patient with which we come into contact and for several reasons.

We are required by the State of Maine to keep a record of every patient contact and to report that data into the State Registry. Only data is reported. Your identity is kept confidential.

We use this data to determine such things as call volumes, staffing levels and topics for further education. We also us these records to make sure we are providing the highest quality medical care.

Med-Care Ambulance receives a subsidy from the communities. However, these funds do not cover most of the operating costs. In order to offset these high costs of operations, Med-Care Ambulance bills patients and insurance companies for services rendered.

Committment to Privacy

Med-Care Ambulance is committed to keeping your confidential and protected health information secure and safe at all time. Please contact us if you have a concern about you protected health information.



For questions about billing and/or privacy practices, contact our office:

Business (207) 364-8748
Toll Free 1-888-549-9798
Fax (207) 369-0635

Or email the billing office.

Privacy Practices

Privacy Forms

Need to Change or Amend your Protected Health Information? Here are some forms to assist you.

Notice of Privacy Practices:

Privacy Practices

Restriction of Protected Information:

Restriction Request

Amend your Protected Information:

Information Amendment

File a complaint about your Protected Information:

Privacy Complaint

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