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SCAA Board, Chapter Leaders and Friends

(June 1, 2011) Today marks the first day of National CPR/AED week – and a new record for SCAA and its chapters!

This week,  SCAA, and its chapters, will recognize CPR/AED week by donating 30 AEDs to non-profit organizations across the United States!  SCAA’s program is made possible through the generous support of Cardiac Science, Defibtech and Zoll.  This is the fourth straight year Defibtech has teamed up with SCAA on this meaningful program and we are thrilled to have Cardiac Science and Zoll join us this year -- allowing an even greater number of AEDs to be placed.  With the support of our partners, we’ve been able to touch thousands of lives, particularly in rural communities where SCA survival is even more sparse due to geographic barriers.  These companies have placed a patient-centered approach at the forefront of doing business, which demonstrates why they are industry leaders in the development of lifesaving emergency response and resuscitation technology. 

National CPR/AED Week is an annual designation by Congress for Americans to become more educated about bystander assistance and trained in cardiovascular pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and AED usage.

SCA continues to strike at alarming numbers in the United States, yet our chapters are making extraordinary strides in expanding awareness of the nation’s leading cause of death. This donation effort is a vital element to the SCAA spectrum of SCA awareness, which also includes education on preventive heart/healthy lifestyles and bystander assistance as well as implementation of broader access to publicly accessible AEDs, developments in therapies/treatments and post-SCA recovery and rehabilitation resources.

Please join me in thanking Cardiac Science, Defibtech and Zoll for their contribution, and thank our Chapter Leaders for organizing outstanding recognition/celebration ceremonies.  Well will provide more details and photos of the presentations throughout the week. 

For more information about our partners please visit:
Cardiac Science -
Defibtech -
Zoll -

Together we have the power and passion to save lives!